Saturday, June 17, 2017

Trabaho Ba Ng Barangay Ito?

Let us help our barangay lessen their workload and avoid being fooled by collectors.
Disputes exempted from Barangay Conciliation:

 Any complaint by or against corporations, partnership or juridical entities, since only individuals shall be parties to Barangay conciliation proceedings either as complainants or respondents (Sec. 1, Rule VI, Katarungang Pambarangay Rules);



              Supreme Court Cir. 14-93  has already clarified the above provision.



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    1. Addendum para sa lahat, just in case may magsabing gawa-gawa lang nakasulat sa itaas and with the permission of our kind moderator/s.

      Dukie, your fellow defaulter.

    2. thanks Dukie.
      anybody can cross-reference the links above.

  2. Hi Ms. Cherrylou/Banker... question lang, kailan po kaya sila nagkakalkal ng savings/check account? kapag may decided na sum of money case na o kahit on process pa ang kaso? Yung check account ko kasi hindi ko pa ma-close kasi may hanggang January 2018 pa ako na ini issue na check sa CTBC bank. Sa ngayon kasi naghihintay na lang ako ng desisyon ng court sa sum of money case ko with BPI. Wish ko lang bago dumating ang desisyon e natapos ko na ang isa ko loan para pwede ko na ma-close ang check account ko.

    1. garnishments comes only AFTER:
      - a court decision;
      - a writ of execution
      - an allowance for the sheriff.

      you can "exchange" your PDCs for cash,
      daming diskarte.
      be creative.

    2. @worried mom, hi banker is right
      garnishment of bank accounts after the writ of execution been approved and issued
      -and this will take more or less than 2 years after the decision
      and in my case, after the writ of execution been approved...hirit pa rin ng comedians discounted amt. for one time payment (and mind you this is for bpi and bankard )
      malamang sa hindi ayaw gumasta sa pang-gasolina ni sheriff and syempre dapat me allowance din for snack huh...hirap yata mag bank-to-bank (traffic
      well i guess kung jan. 2018 lang...kaya pang mabayaran ang loan or ok din po yung idea ni banker...

    3. @worried mom Ilan po Ang credit limit Ng cc sa BPI? Para po malaman Kung ilang credi limit para Magfile Ng case si bank sa sum of money. ( for BPI and bankard only) thank u

    4. @worried mom, my utang to my default cc is a total of 2M. And i am sleeping well at night. I haven't been summoned to the courts neither to the barangay. So I don't think your utang comes up to one million. If they won't bother me, I doubt if they will bother you. Ok, the court will order garnishment (getting your money from the bank) if 1) there is a decision; 2) After decision, petitioner has to file for writ of execution (another process pa yan); 3)it also depends on the sheriff who will execute the risk. Usually for us, sheriffs take their sweet time to execute it (small thing kc, they have more important things to do for their time, like land foreclosures). Cguro may apo ka na sa tuhod, nothing has happened yet. Ako mga 10 years ako default na , nothing at all happened.

  3. A fresh message from my new CA.


    MS.(my name)

    Good day.

    Please be inform that we may schedule a field visit tomorrow to collect your BDO credit card account. Should you find this an inconvenience, please pay your account today at least minimum amount due amounting to Php 6,300.00 and kindly call us ASAP for the payment details to hold the account. Please disregard this message if full payment has been made.

    Thank you

    Synergy Collection Services Inc.
    853-A Epifanio Delos Santos Ave.
    South Triangle, Quezon City

    Parang me pambayad naman po ako kapag pupunta sila what's the difference. From QC to taguig mahal din pamasahe or gasolina. I should be ready by tommorow if ever.
    Thanks again po banker and ms cherrylou.

    1. it's just a standard extortion letter.
      pustahan, hinde sila pupunta.
      tapon mo na lang yan.

    2. I get letters like that all the time and I welcome the letters kc, may dagdag ako scratch paper. They never came to the house. Since i live in a subd, the guard calls me, and i don't allow them in. But if nakalusot sila sa guard, I just receive the letter and use it for scratch.

    3. @Nancy, yeah banker and planter are both right
      lumang scam na yang ng pay a certain amt para ma-hold ang visit/investigation " whatever "...and san naman kaya mapupunta yung ibinayad mo, promise sa wala
      might as well spend the amount sa food/education ng mga bata

    4. Sana man lang ay ginawa nilang tuwid yung grammar para maging kapani-paniwala kahit kaunti.

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    1. cyber bullying is a crime,
      are you aware of that?

      tell kotong kolektor pag-usapan ninyo sa court
      para legal lahat.
      is he afraid?

    2. Just delete even without reading. If you are familiar with the email subject or even the email address, just delete even without reading. I think some collectors are resorting to email services which can monitor if you even just open/read their emails. For yahoo, if their email already goes to spam, you can still block their email add. Just "right-click" on the email add and from a drop down menu, just click on "Block". There is no law prohibiting you from doing that. You are in no obligation to give them any attention. Kung gusto mo paloko eh, nasa sa iyo na iyan. :)

      Lastly, if the email message or content is an insult to your IQ then it doesn't deserve any attention at all.

      Dukie, your fellow defaulter.

    3. I talked to HR people about that and you are not the only employee that cc people call. Most HR are aware my utang ang employees nila so all they do when they receive a call from the employers is just to listen. But HR cannot do anything because it does not involved the company. If your boss asks why they keep calling, tell your boss that you are willing to pay but the collection agency cannot even furnish you a proper billing statement. Tell your boss, "They cannot even furnish me a copy of Special Power of Attorney (SPA) why will I transact with them? Baka later on, swindlers lang sila."
      Which is actually truth anyway.

    4. @Cielo: Take this Diskarte: Let the collector personally collect on you. Give him this kind of deal. Tell him, you only pay if your payment is personally collected.Ready the number of police station nearest in your area. Wait for his arrival. When he arrives, put him on hold to your security or lobby personnel in your office. Call the police and complain him for extortion and unjust vexation. Let their music played and let them dance on their tune.

    5. @Cielo ha bully si kotong collector and magaling mag-english huh...
      Is it OK with you to send an email to your HR department so that they will get aware with this also?
      -mas ok yata "SO THAT THEY WILL BE AWARE...
      and why make the HR aware, utang is purely personal (kung di sya na-inform and to make it exciting, pls. tell the comedian that she is also violating republic act 10870 and let the bitch google what is ra 10870)

    6. Cielilto,
      If I were the HR, ano naman paki ko sa mga utang ng mga employees ko, even our company may mga utang din...
      The most important thing that the HR can do is to ignore the personal calls-esp the credit cards transaction...during office hours :-)

  5. Replies
    1. The collector has found your weakness!
      doon ka po titirahin.
      you are "pleading" actually not to call your office.

      kindly go to NBI for complaint of "extortion"
      bring with you copies of those threats.

    2. panalo po yan
      yes cielo... pls. do what banker is suggesting
      para ma-inform si bitch of the proper behavior ng mga comedians and she might as well brush-up on her english...kasi naman walang gustong i-memorize kundi ang style sa

  6. Thank you po sa lahat ng payo nyo banker, planter and ms cherrylou. Hindi po nagpunta pero nagtxt na sa principal daw pupunta so I printed the bsp regulation about repayment scheme. Para if ever pupunta ipapakita ko po na against bsp rules gawa nila. Hindi po ako magbabayad kasi from 260k defaulted amount with interest 360 na daw po ngaun. Salamat po talga sa inyo.

    1. @Nancy, hi for sure defaulted amt. yan ng mga comedians
      yes what they are doing or intended to do is BAWAL going to the principal na alam nila na me work ang mga short inconvenient time for everyone...lalo na't personal ang pakay nila
      and seeing the principal, a third party, violation of ra 10870


  7. Opo salamat po. Tumawag kanina to confirm kung nagbayad na daw po ako sabi ko hindi wala pambayad. Sabi ko sa court na lang kami mag usap para legal lahat kesa panay text nila ska tawag saka kung pupunta kayo sa principal sya na lang singilin nyo. Bigla po binaba phone maya maya nagtext


    Dear Cardholder,

    Good day…

    We have diligently made all collection efforts for your settlement of your BDO. Despite of our several payment extension and options provided to you, your account remains unpaid. We are interested in resolving this issue without going to court. To avoid legal action, please settle your account immediately and kindly call us for the payment details. Please disregard this message if full payment has been made.

    Hehe.. Salamat po sa inyong lahat.

  8. Banker and mam cherry Lou, Kung may criminal case Hindi ka magkakarenew Ng passport? Ako po naka Renew Ng passport recently. Hindi po talaga criminal case Ang credit card defaulter even Renew pa Ng NBI. Thank u Sainyo Lahat especially to banker and mam cherry Lou Kung Hindi Sainyo matagal na ko praning hehehehehe

    1. @Donald Cruz, yes if one has a decided case for sum of money it is purely civil, police/nbi clearances not affected
      can even get visas for your travel requirements
      -defaulting on creditcards is not a crime
      just move on and focus on your schooling...lapit na 'no...good luck

  9. Thank u so much mam cherrylou God bless and God health lapit na Po enrol na Po ako sa August.

  10. Mam cherrylou parang Malabo na Magfile Ng case si bank especially RCBC na 40thou ang credit limit tpos po metrobank at EWB lalo na Hindi na Po magfile last year ko pa po Hindi Sila nabayaran. Tahimik Po ngyn ang CA. Siguro po tatawag Po Sila pagwala na Po ako sa workplace ko magugulat Sila Wala na Po ako trabaho. Ito naman po Ang sagot ko sa Kanila BSP Circular 454. RA 10870, RA 7160.

    1. Donald Cruz, yeah for me i don't think rcbc will file for a case with your defaulted amt.
      1. for a case to be filed, creditor needed to pay acceptance fee
      2. filing fee
      and why waste all this money, when no assurance na makaka-singil ever si bank
      good luck on your further studies

  11. good day to all.

    Defaulter po ako ng EW.Since 2014 nagkapalya palya ang pagbabayad ko until ndi na ako nakabayad due to financial shortage dahil sa trabaho ng asawa ko. housewife lang po ako.dumating pa sa point last year na po na pina barangay ako ng CA, pero ndi naman sila sumipot. Months passed, may duma dating man na sulat from ibat ibang CA, dedma lang as banker says itapon sa basura. Lately, may mga tumatawag sa akin na unknown #, in which ndi ko naman sinasagot pag wala sa phone book ko. At kung CA man yun, ang galing naman nila na malaman ang bagong # ko. Btw, nakapag post na rin ako dito at thankful sa mga advices ninyo. Until this afternoon, may sulat ako nakuha sa gate na nabasa na dahil sa ulan. Nagkagulagulanit siya nung binuksan ko. Excerpts na lang po ang mailalagay ko. Galing sa ULTADO Law Office
    "much to our regret but to exercise the banks remedies provided for in documents and applicable laws without further demand notice. We enjoin you to co tact us immediately to explore options that we may be viable to free from possible let legal action that can be embarrassing and costly which can be avoided with your cooperation. your payment of this obligation will also clear your name with the CMAP and CCAP at Negative File Information System. We are formally serving this demand letter for you to settle your unpaid balances within 48 hours from receipt hereof". ATTY ROBERTO ULTADO

    Ang amount na gusto bilang bayaran ko one time.payment ay nasa yung ngang iniwan ko ay nasa 300+ lang ay nahirapan na ako bayaran, what more kaya ito. Na iistress na naman po ako at nagpapalpitate sa 48 hours na binigay nila. Wala pa rin ako maibabayad, dahil halos sapat lang sa pangangailangan namin.
    Ano po ang dapat kong gawin? Ayoko pong tumawag dahil wala naman po ako maibabayad at ayokong mangako. Please help. Ano po ba ang gagawin nila if tapos na deadline?

    1. Dear Rainbow,
      Same here, defaulter din ako since 2014. I think sa ngayon eh wala ka na talagang papaniwalaan kungdi ang hatol ng korte if your case was really pursued legally. If not, wag mo na lang silang bigyan ng pansin at the more na papansinin mo mga pangloloko/pananakot eh lalo lang nilang gagawin yan sa iyo. Harapin mo na kahit na sinong CA at maski hindi pa nagsasalita eh sabihin mo (na laging sinasabi nila Banker et al)na i-demanda ka na lang para legal lahat ng usapan.

      You have no legal obligation na harapin sila, you have no legal obligation to answer any of their questions. They have no legal authority over you and your family. What they can only do is "manloko" and "manakot" para makasingil.

      You owe them nothing and pag ginigulo ka, ikaw pa ang puedeng mag-habla sa kanila.

      It is hard to accept na may mga pagkakautang tayo na hindi natin nababayaran or hindi nabayaran. Nakakahiya para sa most people pero it is a bitter pill to swallow.

      From what I learned in this forum, unsettled debts to banks are eventually written off and considered as losses for them. If they have already written it off, then same na din sa atin. Pag binigyan mo ng pansin mga CA eh pinabayaan mo na ring lokohin ka ng harap harapan.

      Take care of your family, take care of yourself and learn from our mistakes.

      Dukie, your fellow defaulter.

      PS. sorry admin at napahaba ata, just wanted to help out

    2. well said.
      Debt is a humbling, not humiliating, experience.
      You did not steal, you did not swindle anybody,
      you just cannot pay!
      and what more, I can hold my head up high:
      I want to pay, LEGALLY in court. what's wrong with that?

    3. Hi there Dukie. After reading your reply to my long story, you really made me cry, promise! In as much as I would had prevented this, but I cannot sacrifice my family's needs specially my daughter's future. Sorry, medyo mellow dramatic, MARAMING SALAMAT SA INYO!

    4. Well said din po banker. Buti nandyan po kayo dami nyo natutulungan. Kaya sobra po ang pasasalamat ko sa inyo at sa iba pa na handang magpayo at maglaan ng kanilang oras.

  12. PS.
    para naman po akong criminal na may deadline sa pagsuko. hindi na naman po ako makakatulog nito. Help please

    1. si Ultado ay isang abogado na wala mai-panalo na case,
      kaya naging collector na lang. lol!

      what is more legal than daring them to talk it out in court. ( they can't. hahahah)

    2. @rainbow, hi you have defaulted in 2013 and the amount was quite huge and nothing had happened- no case filed whether criminal or civil
      so no reason po to worry
      just ignore the kotong-collectors and move on lang po
      -lumang scam na po ang letter, and the crooks have their own version of final-never-ending demand letter

    3. Cielito Visitacion,
      Erasing your queries were sign of.... ?

      May komedyante....lumusot sa blog ni banker :-)
      tama ba mam chyerrylou.... :-)

    4. Rainbow,
      Si atty. no case lang yan :-)
      Your account has been written-off already :-)

      Ano po ba ang gagawin nila if tapos na deadline?
      Dapat gawin ay ipagpatuloy mo ang mga gawain o trabaho sa pang-araw2x....

      Demand letters- huwag ng basahin para iwas stress :-)

  13. Banker ito po txt sa akin.
    Good day!

    May we know your decision regarding your account with Metrobank Card. We`ve been reminding you about it but sadly we have not been favored with your reply. Please be informed that your account has already been endorse to our firm for appropriate action. Should we receive no reply from you, then we shall immediately take appropriate steps to protect our client`s interest without further notice. Please take this matter seriously.

    ML SOBREDILLA Law Office.

  14. Banker, i replied sa text nila na "okay, see you in court. Goodluck". Tapos ang reply sa akin "goodluck too". Nireplayan ko nalang na "thank you".

    1. press 'delete'
      have you noticed?
      mahilig sila sa "sobre"?

  15. Hello banker! Bakit itong si ADMEREX Solution ng EWB, hindi p default card ko eh trying pull my legs to pay minimum,less 4% p dw kaek ekan nya! Sabi ko i'm just waiting for my next bill ng maupdate lang. Daming litanya. Admerex nga kaya yun? Db iniendorse lng ng bangko s 3rd party account pag defaulted na s knila?? Thanks so much po! - SCORPIAN��

    1. @scorpian, hi just to share a thought
      yes normally, after 3 months of non-payment of cc bills said account will be endorsed to the 3rd party ca
      and with ewb, mas matagal po
      like halos nasa 6 months na defaulted ang account, inhouse collector pa din ang magha-handle and dyan po magaganap ang offer nila for a repayment scheme

  16. Good morning po. May dumating na letter sakin from Molaer Law Office
    Pinagbabayad ako ng 46,881.81 pag hindi daw ako nakabayad in 24 hours idedemanda na daw ako,tanong ko naman monthly ako nagbabayad bakit hindi nababawasan? Ang sagot po ng agent iba iba daw kausap ko kaya magulo. Pag pumupunta naman po ako sa bangko sabi kausapin ko nalang daw ang Collection agency, ano po ba dapat ko gawin? Nai-stressed na ako please reply po 😣

    1. nothing but to ignore the crooks
      promise bank would not bother to file a case
      -sayang po money and effort

  17. thank you so much Banker, Miss Cherrylou and Mr. Dhastan for easing my mind. Defaulters like me knows our responsibilities but no one wants to be in this predicament. God bless you.

    1. @rainbow, most welcome
      yes we definitely didn't choose to be in this position
      i for one took out office loans to keep myself to be in that good credit standing ...but there were events making it impossible to pay, like when nanay was hospitalized for months that i have to forego payments of creditcard bills just to keep that ventilator working extending Mom's precious life...
      sabi nga ni banker di po magugutom ang mga banks
      so move on lang po
      i had a sum of money case and am good
      -like what banker been telling me early part of 2013

  18. Hello banker may tumawag sa akin certain SPO daw siya. sabi may kaso daw ako. iissue na daw warrant of arrest. taga camp crame daw siya. tapos pwede daw ako makipagcoordinate kay atty. david advincula. hahaha. Pano ba to para magstop na kakacall. sa office kasi tumatawag.

    1. hi to share a thought
      the crook will simply stop from calling you when he sensed that he cannot make a fool out of you...
      -kotong collectors just feed on the fear of the defaulters

  19. Banker, Ms Cherry Lou and my co defaulters, good afternoon, Jing2 here again po. I recvd an email fr BSP and this is how it goes. Wala pa naman akong budget to settle, paano po gagawin ko. Shall I deadma din i2 po?

    Further to our 6 June 2017 email acknowledgement we refer to your e-mail of even date, regarding the subject concern.
    Please be informed that the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) does not have jurisdiction over collection agencies, more so, its collection agents. BSP-supervised Financial Institutions (BSFI) are ultimately responsible for the collection efforts of their internal/outsourced collection service providers. Please also note that banks are required to notify borrowers of its referral of their account to an outsourced entity for collection.
    Furthermore, please be informed that the restructuring of accounts and repayment arrangement is determined by the borrower and the credit issuer/Bank. Hence, we encourage you to coordinate and discuss with your credit issuer/bank your issues pertaining to the repayment terms of your credit card.
    In any case, as explained in our previous e-mail, we inform that the Consumer Assistance Mechanism (CAM) of the BSP seeks to facilitate communication between the parties by elevating the consumer’s concerns to the Senior Management of the BSFI involved with a request for the BSFI to directly reply to the consumer, copy furnished us.
    As such, if you are amenable to our procedures kindly inform us by replying to this e-mail, and providing additional details of your concern including the name of your Bank or your credit issuer. Upon receipt of your response, we will refer your concerns to the Senior Management of your bank involved with a request that they directly communicate with you, copy furnished us, their comments and/or disposition on the same, within seven (7) banking days from receipt of our referral.

    Very truly yours,

    Director, Inclusive Finance Advocacy Office and
    Concurrent Head, Financial Consumer Protection Department
    Supervision and Examination Sector
    Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas
    Mabini, Manila

    1. dedma.
      what is more legal and fair that meeting them in court?

    2. @jing2, hi as what you have said no budget to arrange for a repayment scheme, then just forget the idea of paying back
      -di naman po sensible to make another loan to pay-off another utang
      -much that you wanted to move heaven and earth para maka-bayad...if not possible then it's not
      just move on jing2 and focus on basic needs

  20. hello banker anf miss cherrylou, tanong ko lang po may personal loan ako sa security bank pdc ang payment, nung una ok ako magbayad kso pumalya ng mabuntis na ako at nawalan ng work,in short ung checking account ko naclose na, 3 years ung term at mahigit 1 year na ako nagbbyad. after maclose over the counter ako nagbbayad na kc un ang advice sa akin nung tumawag ako sa hotline nila, ang problema ko po nadelay payment ko ng manganak ako, pero mga after 3 months ok na ulit payment ko d n ako nahuhuli sa due pero nkkreceive p din ako ng mga email from collection agency na kapag d ako nagbayad kakasuhan ako. d ko po alam kung d nila narereceive payment ko pero imposible po un. hawak ko naman mga receipt ko. mkksuhan ba ako? naiinis kc ako email sila ng email. twice ako naghulog nung may, may 5 due ko naghulog ako may 2 and may 29 para sa nakaudue ng june 5, last week nakareceive ako ng email n d p daw ako nagbbyad.salamat po

    1. please go to the branch for reconciliation of account.

    2. @saykedelic, hi banker is right, malamang di na inform si kotong-collector na updated ka sa payments mo and your account was just endorsed to them prior to your payments
      good luck...

  21. Good day ask ko lang po kasi i have unpaid cc sa pnb ang sinisingil nila sa akon umabot na ng 280k banker my sister from us ask me to manage a small travel agency business. A pinangalan sa akin. Nag kataon po the travel agency checking account is under pnb. 1.5 year na na defaulter ako. Papalit palit ng collection agency. But this afternoon yung isang staff ng bank branch talaga tumawag sa akin ang sabi ang credit card department nila tumawag sa kanila. I told them na i will deal with them. Question po magagalaw po ba nila laman ng checking account ng travel agency but 2 kami signatory?

    1. yes.
      mabuti nga mabait yung PNB staff.
      you have been warned.

  22. Hi Banker and Ms Cherrylou, I received a letter today from Molaer, but the date of letter is April 2017.

    this letter is attention to BDO recovery unit head and CC to me. this is a personal loan amounting 50k and payable in 3 years.

    1 yea nalang sana.. tapos ko na ung loan ko... pero due to some unexpected problems.. hindi ko na natpos. please help po. worried narin kac wife ko. monthly payment ako over the counter.

    here goes.

    This is to formally recommend, as well as, to officially request for authority to file civil case against herein below cardholder, and his/her spouse, if any Under Rule 3, Sec 4 of the New Rules of Court, wherein the spouse shall be included as mandatory party-defendant, for collection of sum of money. Under the rule on "small claim cases" before the metropolitan trial court of pasig, on the account indicated hereunder,based on "1)positive contact 2)with financial capability 3) with no response to previous demand/s," and considering also that the said rule requires only (1) hearing and the courts decision rendered shall immediately become final and non-appealable, to wit.

    1. are you sure your arrangement with MOLAER is legal?
      tapon mo na lang yan.
      and stop paying,
      unless decided by the court.

    2. I don't know, pero parang tan-GA lang kasi. It is like, country A is at odds with country B and mediating is country C. Country A sends Country C a correspondence and country B was copied in. It informs country C of country A's plan to invade B; included also were the details of the plan.

      Heed Banker's advice, ignore and if it is brought to court, much better.

      Dukie, your fellow defaulter.

    3. @kaleb, hi when a bank is contemplating to file a case wala po syang warning whatsoever

      tina-takot ka lang po ni kotong-collector
      for now, pls. focus on basic need

    4. salamat po. really appreciate the help of everyone in this blog. marami po kaung natutulungang kagaya ko.

  23. Hi po,

    di ko alam kung napost po ung previous comment ko dito. May BPI card po ako dati that I defaulted early this year. But when it was active, I took advantage of the Korean Embassy-BPI partnership thus I got a korean visa.

    Question ko lang po, since nagdefault ako sa BPI, maaapektuhan po ba yung korean visa ko? Nakalagay po sa remarks section ng korean visa is BPI. Concerned lang po.


  24. Hello Banker,

    Credit Limit - 200k
    TOB - 290k as of JUne 2017
    5mos behind na ko sa payment
    Source of income : Employement
    No assets.

    Pahelp naman po, naendorse na po sa CA yung account ko Panlilio ek ek yung name. Nung monday po tumawag sakin, first call kaya inentertain ko and nice naman yung nakausap ko.

    Eto offer nya:

    Subject for approval ni BPI

    5k downpayment
    10k+ mos. amort
    5 years

    So kung icocompute mo halos 3x yung babayaran ko for 5 years. So sabi ko iemail na lang sakin yung offer once na naapprove ni BPI and tingan ko feasible. (Pero sa utak ko, impossible makabayad ako nang ganun kalaki monthly and maenslave ka for 5 years)

    Although fault ko naman talaga bakit ako nadefault sa payments, willing ako magbayad pero sana relaxed yung terms and wala nang charges kasi umaasa lang ako sa sahod ko.

    Nabasa ko na nagfifile talaga ng civil case si BPI for sum of money. Pano po kaya ang gagawen ko kapag nagfile sila? And gaano po kabilis sila magfile ng case?Sa tingin nyo po ba ipupursue pa din ni bpi na magfile ng case for sum of money? Ano po kayang grounds para mapatunayan na wala akong capacity to pay? Natatakot po ako magfile sila case sakin tapos wala ako pangbayad.

    BPI din po payroll account ko sa work ko ngayon,di din po malaki sahod ko. May tendency kaya na idebit nila sahod ko para ibayad sa utang ko?

    Pahelp naman po kasi sahod ko lang talaga ang inaasahan ko.

    Salamat po!

    1. what is more legal than the court?
      payable when able pa doon.

      nope. payroll is exempted.
      BPI adheres to that.
      unlike the greedy Metrobank

    2. @Doomsday, hi kung struggle po to make monthly payments ok lang po to default
      bec. if you enter a repayment scheme and unable to make payments afterwards...all your payments will go down the drain and malamang sa hindi me sum of money case pa
      -timeline for a sum of money case will be more or less than one year
      -again pag-walang di wala
      and pls. use your sahod for food on the table and sa pag-aaral ng mga bata

  25. Banker agad agad ba magagalaw? Pwede ko ba widraw today agad lahat ng laman?

  26. Maam cherrylou agad agad ba magagalaw ang laman ng checking account under a travel agency name tapos ako nakalagay owner? Kahapon panamn po tumawag pwede ko na ba sila unahan ngayun?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. @Kressa Alvarez, hi yes possible po
      as per the terms and conditions on the issuance of creditcards
      so pls. do your best to withdraw from the checking account
      good luck po

  27. Hi Banker, Ms. Cherrylou. Good day. LansF po ulit. Si Ultado po kasi nagschedule n ng meeting with our kapitan regarding sa EWB cc ko. Sabi ni kapitan hahayaan nya kaming magharap ngaun para daw manahimik na si collector. Anu po kayang pede kung irequest na documents kay CA na to if pupunta nga xa? Tska if wala xang dalang requested documents pede ko pa bang ipablotter na ng diretsyo un? Anu po kayang kaso? Please help naman po. Thank you ng marami.

    1. @LansF... hi if I were you i will not attend that meeting with the crooks...para que ( to be talk of the town???...)
      -why don't the crooks just go to your house, kung naka-rating or if they were able to get hold of the barangay, no reason why they cannot get hold of you
      -besides di po yan concern ni kapitan/kapitana... kahit pa as a mediator
      hope this helps, kasi for me utang with cc is personal so i hate it when somebody is trying to make papel

    2. where is your authority and
      what is the referral code as
      required by BSP Cir. 702 Series of 2010
      if may natangap ka na sulat galing
      sa banko, it will give you the name
      of authorized CA and a Referral Code
      ( password)
      kung wala kang na tangap,
      si CA ay nagpapangap.

      since hinde trabaho ni barangay yan,
      just tell him to file a case immediately!
      (pssst. he cannot)

      ang kaso po niya because he is not authorized
      is swindling (estafa) and other deceits ( Art. 315-318)
      punishable by imprisonment of at least 4 years.

    3. @LansF
      para manahimik si kotong-collector...deadma lang po
      -to just file a case kung gusto nya... but syempre crooks cannot file a case

  28. LansF,
    hmm talaga their bluff...
    the answer to your query is posted above :-)
    pramis hindi pupunta yan...mahal pamasahe at the same time very risky on their part :-) documents: SOA with bank signatories at SPA-special power of atty to collect...or referral code from the bank :-)

    1. Hi Banker, Ms. Cherrylou and Dhastan, salamat po sa mga response nyo. Hindi ko po alam kung bakit parang gigil na gigil makasingil ng 13k ang mga collectors ng Ultado sa akin samantalang naadvise ko na sila na I just gave birth at nagsara ang previous company ko..
      Ieexpect ko na lng po ang advise ni kapitan kung pupunta nga cla bukas. Salamat po ulit sa inyo..

  29. Hi po ms cherry lou, banker, mr dhastan and fellow defaulters. I just received letter from mcc yesterday informing me of possible legal action if my account remains unpaid and that im also responsible for all fees that they will incur in my debt recovery process. Tapos sa baba nakalagay lists of possible CA's. Nasa listahan si alexis molaer nabasa ko po sa ibang site bully din CA's nila. Mukhang magpapalit na. Me pagkabully din si mcc nanakot na magfile sila ng case.

    Another letter i received from bdo CA offering different terms. Deadma lang po ako wala naman pambayad.

    Ms cherrylou diba po 150k din balance mo kay mcc and no case filed. Me too 150k din po. Im thankful po sa inyong lahat kasi ive noticed parang d na sila persistent unlike before panay tawag po. Ngayon text na lang or minsan wala. So rule of thumb do not let CA control our lives. Thanks a lot po and happy long weekend.

    1. for still paranoid defaulters:
      don't open those letters anymore
      kung di pa kaya ang mga panloloko.

    2. @Nancy, yes it's 150 din with mcc and yup no case filed and i guess automatic lang din for defaulted banks to send out those letters, palit name and defaulted amount lang.
      and yes since i have followed banker's words of wisdom/advices natahimik din ang once paranoid kong buhay...salamat po banker/Sir Rene
      and have a good and safe long-weekend everyone...

  30. Hi! I just received a text message feom a Fiscal daw in taguig and I have Bench Warrant to be delivered in my house? What is the bench warrant for? And why is it sa text lang. As far as I can remember, 10k lang kimit ng cc ko kaya I know this is a bluff. and less than a year pa ako hindi nakapagbayad. Thanks..

  31. Hi M'm Cherryluo, Banker final demand letter galing sa Constantino law office, kakasuhan na raw ako staffa, at boucing check sa loan ko na 2 years na nakakalipas.

    Thanks po

  32. Hi banker mern po akong 3 credit card default bdo 20k rcbc30k and ewb is 40k,ask k lang may chance kaya na mag file ng case sa akin kahit isa dyan sa cc default ko po tnx po